The one and the one much alike.

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I do not recall the name of the psychologist who discovered that there is a very emotional connections to the people who have been born on the same date, but imagine, not only the same date, also the same year. I know a father that has two girls-twins and his birthday is at the same date as his daughters. Whenever he goes away for a journey, the girls go crazy without him. They refuse to enter the home if he is not there and they have trouble sleeping. From this point of view it is very understandable that most of the twin couples don’t ever want to leave each other. Their dream is to meet twin brothers and live happily ever after in the same house. They feel like one person when they are together and all other needs go behind the need for each other.  It is like we are searching all life for The One, for the other half of us, but they already were born with this half.

BUT, If you take the time to know the twins, you will be pleasantly surprised how different they are. After hours of talking and spending time, you will learn to distinguish them not only by the count of beauty marks but also by they interests, behavior and way of talking.

I hade a chance to meet two beautiful and talented ladies ‘Twins’, or ‘Dvines’ (in Latvian). Their icon in music is Beyoncé, so i agreed to take a challenge in making very glamorous and feminine outfits for Ana and Katharine. The outfit you can see under is something that i am very proud of. It is made only from black rubbers and corsage ribs. It completely changes the body forms and creates a very 90-60-90 look. Also – the boobs look really nice, don’t they? 🙂

The silver jackets I made for Twins stands out with their strong shoulder line and elegant back side. It is a very feminine and therefore sexy look. I wish to work more in this field, I really do.

If you are willing to find out more about this duet – go to their official ‘DVINES’ channel on YouTube.


3 is always better.

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This post contains photos of the visual i made for Trio ”Lady’s Sweet”. It was a challanging exercise cause all the designers had always made 3 equal outfits for them, but i wanted to show every one of the singers individualy.

We created an outfit that contained of several garnments, that could be combined as needed. A valuable part was a black body, sewed with pearls and diamonds. As you can see in the first photo. For more classy performances we created a polite version with skirts and jacket. A great accesorize was tights sewed with pearls. I really enjeyed our coorperation and i hope to work with these ssweet ladies in the future aswell.

The playground.

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Sometimes we have to raise those hands up in the air and scream out loud the A the E the O. It doesn’t hurt to have a bit of joy in the rutine.

This is the latest project in progress of mine. -Outfits and visual for Triana Park – one of the gratest new bands in Latvia. This is just the start- a dress by Liva Kauke Saule for Agnese Rakovska – the lead singer of Triana Park. It is planed to make a full look for the band till the end of August.

For more inspiration and joy from trianians look up their web page: