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Videos of Liva Kauke-Saule.

In fashion, video on May 13, 2011 at 11:24 am

Video of My collection ‘Riot’, year 2009. Models (as they walk) – Marija Berdova, Liva Liepa, Laine Ananjeva, Ksenija Osipova, Anete Salinieka, Kristine Veisa, Mara Kampernova.

Video of styling from fashion contest ‘FIP new cut’, year 2010. Models – Inese Kalnina, Davis Sakne.

Cover video of The Beloved ‘Sweet harmony’ for LNT New year’s edition, year 2009. Valdis Skutans, Liva Saule and all the other beautiful ladies.

Video interview from ‘Mammu’ opening at LUKABUKA. MAmmu – how it started, how we did it and what will happen next, year 2010.

‘How to make something awesome and wearable’ at ‘Stila akademija’ with beautiful Maija Silova.